Is an independent Greenlandic institution under the Ministry of Culture, Education, Research and Church.

Oqaasileriffik is the secretariat for Parliament committees for language questions. These are the following:

  • The Greenland Language Council
  • The Greenland Place Names Committee
  • The Committee for Personal Names

Oqaasileriffik's main objectives include:

  • to collect and maintain information on Greenlandic language and language usage
  • to participate in Nordic Boards and working groups in language matters and to join the ICC Language Board
  • to stay updated on changes in the spoken Greenlandic language
  • to carry out research on Greenlandic as a second language

Postbox 980
3900 Nuuk

Tel. +299 36 23 20
Fax +299 36 23 21
E-mail: oqaasileriffik@nanoq.gl